How best to communicate with Windhaven Adolescent & Sports Medicine


After-hours calls

*PLEASE NOTE: in order to stay in compliance with federal privacy regulations and to reduce medical errors, we ask that ALL patients/families follow our communication policy:




We feel that it is a privilege to practice medicine in a town where we are so closely tied to the community.  Many of you may know us socially or outside of this medical office setting however we ask that you do not contact our cell phones or personal emails with medical questions, Rx requests, etc.  This is so that we can ensure that these requests don't get missed, and not because we are bothered by contact with our friends :)

If you let Dr. Scalfano know your child/you are having medication side effects or that you need a refill when at a school function, party, or sporting event, she may forget to document the conversation and valuable information may be lost or texts may be missed. 
All medical communications (prescription requests, appointment requests, medical questions of any kind, updates on a patient's health condition, etc.) MUST be directed through our office phone number (972-473-8336).

As you know, we are a small operation with only a few staff. Like most medical offices now, we have gone to an automated phone system in order to avoid hiring a full-time employee as a telephone operator. Through this system you will be asked to leave a message. This does not mean that we are out of the office.  Messages are checked at regular intervals throughout the day.  If we are out of the office, you will hear an after-hours recording and will not be able to leave a message.
If the issue is urgent, leave a message on the nurse line or ask for an immediate call-back from the receptionist so that you can be transferred to the nurse or doctor. Please make certain to leave your/your child’s full name, date of birth, and call-back number so that our response to you is not delayed. If your phone has caller ID block, please disable that feature in order to allow our call to come through.


Prescription refills are most easily handled by your pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy to contact us directly for approval of refills.  This service is provided by pharmacies free of charge and will ensure that your refill is ready in a timely manner. (does not apply to controlled substances)

​We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This is to allow time for check in and to complete any paperwork that may be needed. Patients who arrive 30 minutes, or more, late for an appointment will be considered as a No Show, and will be charged $75. This will need to be paid before another appointment can be scheduled.

Dr. Scalfano works on a very tight schedule so if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment we may have to reschedule it.


Dr. Scalfano will only be able to discuss the issue that your appointment is scheduled for. If you need to discuss more than one medical issue at your appointment we ask that you let us know when scheduling, so we can allow sufficient time. Sometimes more than one appointment will be necessary.

Please note that due to the large number of patients waiting to schedule appointments, and an increase in the number of missed appointments, we have had to introduce a charge for missed appointments.

If you miss an appointment, without prior arrangement with our office, you, not your insurance company, will be billed $75. This $75 fee must be paid before any other appointments will be scheduled, please note that for NEW patients this fee is $125.

Controlled Substance Prescription

​Dr. Scalfano is available for after-hours emergencies everyday, including holidays. She believes that taking these calls personally improves the quality of healthcare for her patients.

In order for her to continue this service, we ask that you reserve after hours calls to her to true emergencies only.

If you are considering an emergency room visit or are concerned that your/your child’s health condition can not wait until the morning, please call Dr. Scalfano's paging service as listed on the main telephone number automated message.  Please note this is reserved FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Dr. Scalfano will return the call within 30 minutes. If you do not hear from her within 30 minutes, please place your call again.


Please remember that this service is for EMERGENCIES only, not medical questions. We ask that you do not call the doctor after hours for medical advise that can wait until the morning, medication refills, appointment rescheduling, etc.

Your compliance with this matter will assist us in being able to continue to provide this valuable service to our patients.

Forms and Record Release Fees


Your doctor has requested that you have labs drawn to help with diagnosis or for monitoring.

Depending on the tests and the lab where the tests are run, processing can take up to 10 days. After the results are received in our office, the doctor must review them and sign off before results can be given. We will call you as soon as the labs are in and reviewed. If more than 14 days have elapsed since your labs were drawn, please call our office to make us aware that you have not yet received your results.

Please do not call our office for lab results if it has been fewer than 14 days. We are unable to mail lab results, but will gladly provide you with a copy for you records, which can be picked up at our office after the doctor has reviewed the results.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping our office to run smoothly.

If you/ your child has been prescribed a controlled substance (Adderall, Concerta, Vyvanse, Daytrana, etc.) please note the following policies for our office which are compliant with state and federal regulations:

  • Controlled substance prescriptions are valid for 21 days and no refills are allowed.

  • ​Prescriptions can be picked up at our office if needed. Please allow at least 5 weekdays notice so that the chart can be reviewed and the prescription written.

  • Only parents or legal guardians may have controlled substance prescriptions handed to them at the office.

  • Controlled substance prescriptions can not be mailed across state lines.

  • ​As a service to our patients, Windhaven Adolescent Medicine will mail your prescriptions monthly to your home. We offer this service free of charge but do require that patients who participate in this plan be seen by us every 3 months for a medication follow-up.

  • ​If you choose to pick your prescriptions up in person, we will need to see the patient every 6 months for a medication follow-up.

  • ​Check your prescription drug plan for the option of a 3 month prescription. Some plans allow for this through mail order. If you/ your child has been on the same medicine and dose for more than 6 months, we will be happy to provide you with a mail-order prescription for a 90 day supply. Patients who choose this option will need to be seen every 3 months for a medication follow-up.

*Please schedule your appointments ahead of time to avoid a delay in receiving prescriptions. It is the patient’s responsibility to see that regular appointments are scheduled.


Unfortunately, we are going to be requiring drug screening on our patients who take medications for ADHD. This will be done every 6 months and will be a requirement of ALL patients receiving these medications. It is important that our patients understand that this is being implemented as a recommended safety measure and not because we don't trust our patients! Reports will be discussed in person if they are positive and neither a patient's school or law enforcement will be contacted.

Release of Medical Records


We are happy to provide a full copy of your medical records upon completion of a release of information form. Please note there will be a fee of $25 per patient each time this service is provided.

This fee will be due prior to the records being released.

When ready the records can be collected from the front office or faxed directly to the office of another healthcare provider.

We do not mail or email medical records.

Please note: We will supply immunization records free of charge.



If a patient, 18 or older, completes a form for their parents to be sent their medical records, the form has to be witnessed and stamped by a public notary. Please note that this may incur a charge from the notary for the service which the at patient will be liable for.

School/Camp/Athletic Physical Forms:

Please remember to bring any forms requiring health information, a physical exam or vaccine documentation with you at the time of your annual physical/health maintenance exam.


We will be happy to complete those forms, free of charge, at the time of your visit.

Please present these forms to the nurse when you are checked in.

Should you need forms completed at another time there will be a $15 per form fee to cover time and administration costs.




We thank you for your help in improving the efficiency of our office.